Picnics & Sandwiches

Exterior view of Cowboys restaurant


7 Bayberry Court
(508) 228-8766

If you’re thinking of exploring a hidden beach or hiking the Moors and would like to take a picnic, the Centerboard Inn recommends only one place - Cowboy’s – they can prepare a picnic for one to one hundred as simple or as elegant as you like (they also offer a variety of wine and beer).

A photo of chocolate chip cookies

Provisions Straight Wharf

3 Harbor Square
(508) 228-3258

Serving a variety of delicious sandwiches for breakfast and lunch.

Photo of a sandwich

Something Natural

50 Cliff Street
(508) 228-0504

A great place with wonderful huge sandwiches, and an ideal stop on a bike ride to pick up a sandwich and cookie to take to the beach.

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